Date set for former selectman in alleged assault case

Jon Winkler
Former Townsend Selectman Cindy King in Ayer District Court last February.

AYER – The discovery period is over in the case of former selectman Cindy King and her case could go to trial.

Documents in Ayer District Court listed Wednesday, August 14 as the pre-trial date for King’s assault case. According to the court, the discovery period of King’s case was recently completed and now a pre-trial will take place to determine whether or not a trial will be scheduled.

The 62-year-old was arrested by Townsend Police officers on February 16 at her home on West Elm Street.

According to court documents, King was having dinner at home with her wife, Carrie Sharik, when an argument ensued and King started throwing things at Sharik. King then allegedly started punching her wife while she was bent down trying to pick up a fallen iPad, causing Sharik to leave the house and King to lock herself in her bedroom.

When police were called and eventually arrived at her home, King refused to leave her bedroom and allegedly told officers that she had a knife. She eventually put the sharp object down and was taken into custody by police. The court documents also allege that King identified herself as a then-member of the Townsend Board of Selectmen and told arresting officers to “wait until Monday and you’ll be sorry.”

King first appeared in court on February 19 and plead not guilty to one count of assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of assault and battery on a family member and four counts of intimidation of a witness.

John Dombrowski, King’s attorney, said on Monday that there has been “no change of play” in the case and King is still pleading not guilty.

Dombrowski said it was “too early to tell” whether or not the case will go to trial and could not comment on if either King or Sharik are still living at the West Elm Street residence.

King did not return requests for comment.

King said after her first court appearance that she would not be appearing at any future selectmen meetings. She completed her three-year term as vice chair this year and did not run to retain her seat on the board.

Then-Board Clerk Wayne Miller was voted by the board as the new vice chair during a board meeting on April 23 this year after Donald Klein was elected to the join the board at this year’s Town Election the day before. Klein was then voted to be the new clerk at the same April 23 meeting.