TOWNSEND — The North Middlesex Regional High School Giving Tree will host the lawn party at the Townsend Military Band’s Thursday, July 18, concert on the Townsend Common.

The Giving Tree is a non-profit program run by high school students to assist families experiencing serious financial difficulties in Ashby, Pepperell, and Townsend by providing a joyful holiday season for their children.

The Giving Tree program annually sponsors 300 boys and girls from infancy through age 18. They are provided with toys and clothes for the holidays addressing both their needs and wants. In addition to holiday gifts, the organization collects funds for fuel assistance and food baskets for local families in need.

The Giving Tree group will be selling hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and cheeseburgers to raise funds. The students will also be offering ice cream floats, assorted sodas, juices, and bottled water for sale. Individually wrapped homemade baked goods will be featured at the bake sale table.

Youngsters attending the lawn party may go in the bounce house and win prizes by playing games such as cornhole, ring toss, and the lollipop tree.

The Giving Tree group will have a table set up on the common with information about their program.

The Townsend Military Band will open its concert at 7:30 p.m. by playing “The Billboard March” by Klohr, and Brown’s arrangement of “Highlights from Jersey Boys.”

Begin the Beguine” by Shaw, Yoder’s arrangement of “Camelot”, and King’s “Aviation Tournament March” will be performed. Bocook’s arrangement of “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.”

“The Beatles: Love words and music” arranged by Bocook, and Hall’s “American Cadet March” will be included in the first portion of the program.

Hildreth’s arrangement of the “Our Director March” will be played following intermission. “Flourish for Wind Band” by Vaughan Williams and Holst’s “First Suite in Eb Opus 28 No. 1” will be performed before the band concludes its concert at 9:30 by playing the “Star Spangled Banner.”