PEPPERELL – A 25-year-old local man has been arrested after being seen selling Fentanyl.

Police said Joshua Christiansen was arrested on the afternoon of Friday, June 28 near the Rail Trail parking lot.

Officers from Pepperell and other surrounding towns were conducting surveillance in the area around 12:40 p.m. when they saw Christiansen make a hand-to-hand transaction. The Pepperell resident fled on foot when officers approached him and then arrested him.

“Pepperell, like many other police departments in the area, has taken a guardian mindset over the past few years when it comes to individuals involved with illegal substance use,” Chief David Scott said in a press release. “Our goal is to help to those suffering from substance use disorders recover from this disease, and there are resources available for those in need through our Community Outreach Initiative Network program. That being said, we have zero tolerance for people distributing drugs in our town and will continue to investigate and apprehend those involved in that activity.”

Christiansen was charged with distributing a class A drug and resisting arrest. He was arraigned on June 28 in Ayer District Court and plead not guilty. He posted $900 cash bail and is due back in court on August 2.

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