PEPPERELL — The Pepperell Senior Center was busting with art and music. Over 65 senior attendees admired the beautiful art work of 12 seniors that was on display.

The framed art will decorate the center until September. Marsha Slater, a local artist, taught classes every Thursday to seniors from novice to advanced. Using acrylics, oils, water colors, the pieces they created were breath taking. The artists proudly displayed their framed work and discussed it with all who stopped by to admire it. Marsha Slater, an accomplished artist, is also an accomplished musician. She conducts the Sir William Chorus each week, leading 17 seniors to sing to their hearts content. The chorus sings contemporary songs and songs of yesteryear. The Sir William Chorus entertained the guests while local musician Liz Cataldo accompanied them on her key board. Singing in a chorus is cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinking, and more fun than working out.

The center celebrated with a birthday party for all attendees over the age of 90. Six seniors who attend center activities on a regular basis were treated to a special day of recognition.

The center provides a loving “home away from home” atmosphere for seniors to remain active, enjoy companionship, and have a delicious healthy hot noon time meal that is cooked fresh in the center’s kitchen. The center a place where friends go to, a place where seniors can meet, have coffee or lunch, listen to a performance, dance with a partner, exercise muscles, rebuild bones, play a game, make a painting, watch a movie, and learn interesting things.

The staff is dedicated to nourishing the mind, body, and the soul. The center offers social interaction, education, physical activity, and emergency assistance.

The Senior Center has over 200 volunteers who together have worked over 9,000 hours during the year. Without the incredible volunteers, the center would not be able to provide the services it does. Local service organizations, such as Our Lady of Grace Church, Pepperell Christian Fellowship, Lions Club, Rotary Club, and Pepperell Garden Club as well as many local businesses volunteer their time at the Center, cooking meals, presenting programs or maintaining the gardens. The Friends of the Pepperell Seniors has been vital in supplying equipment and ongoing support to the center.

The center is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information:, or call 978433-0326.