Election Worker George Faircloth and Assistant Town Clerk Nancy Pierce reading the results of Groton’s town elections.

Some things changed while others stayed the same after election
night on Tuesday.

Two seats on the Groton Select Board were up for grabs on election
night May 21. John Reilly scored 1,006 votes, the most of the four
candidates running for a spot on the board, allowing him to join for
a three-year term. Current board member Joshua Degen, the incumbent,
earned 770 votes to regain his seat on the board for another three
years. Other candidates John Petropoulos and Brooks Lyman garnered
611 votes and 373 votes respectively.

Reilly’s victory was expected by local residents Gwenneth and
Jeffrey Wallens.

“He has never run for anything and a lot of people like him,”
Gwenneth said. “He says common sense and doesn’t have an agenda,
he’s not part of the town hall inside group. We’re looking for some
fresh blood.”

“He’s a volunteer fireman, he’s a retiring state police officer,
he’s active at the senior center, but he’s a political newcomer,”
Jeffrey said. “The other three are current or former office holders,
they’ve all been something someone doesn’t like before.”

Groton also scored approval on its two Proposition 2 1/2 debt
exclusions on the questions posed on Tuesday’s ballot. The first
involved funds for the renovation and reconstruction of the
Department of Public Works facilities at 600 Cow Pond Brook Road,
which scored voter approval at 785 votes for and 760 votes against.
The second involved funds to install a new roof at the Groton Public
Library at 99 Main Street, which also earned voter approval with 995
votes in favor and 554 votes against.

Donald Black had a productive evening, getting reappointed
unopposed to the Board of Assessors for another three-year term with
1,189 votes and appointed to the Park Commission for a one-year term
with 1,107 votes.

Two other boards saw two incumbents each re-elected to their
positions. George Barringer Jr. and Gus Widmayer brought in 1,091
votes and 959 votes to stay on the Planning Board for another
three-year term, while Mark Gerath and Nancy Foley Wilder brought in
1,111 votes and 1,121 votes to remain trustees of the Groton Public
Library also for another three-year term.

Seven other incumbents were re-elected to their positions
unopposed. They included Robert Fleischer to the Board of Health
with 1,167 votes, Rodney Hersh of the Electric Light Commission with
1,199 votes, Kenneth Bushnell of the Park Commission with 1,150
votes, James Gmeiner of the Sewer Commission with 1,161 votes, Greg
Fishbone of the Water Commission with 1,124 votes, Marlena Gilbert
of the Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee with 1,015 and
Brooks Lyman of the Housing Authority with 958 votes.

Other boards will see new members join their ranks. Rachael Mead
earned 1,211 votes to become a Commissioner of Trust Funds for a
three-year term and Annika Nilsson-Ripps earned 76 votes on a
write-in campaign to join the Planning Board for a one-year term.
Erica McConnell was elected to join the Groton-Dunstable Regional
School Committee for a three-year term with 1,043 votes and Jon
Strauss won a write-in campaign to join the Park Commission for a
three-year term with 107 votes.

Dunstable had a less eventful evening on Tuesday with no contested
races. Eleven incumbents were re-elected unopposed to their

Matthew Morton earned 192 votes to become a Road Commissioner for
a three-year term, Susan Tully earned 191 votes to become a
Commissioner of Trust Funds for a two-year term and Jeffrey Pallis
earned 186 votes to join the Planning Board for a five-year term.
Jon Crandall and Spencer Vrahous ran write-in campaigns to become
Constables for one-year terms with 41 votes and 7 votes

Though there were four open positions as Commissioners to Expend
Parkhurst Free Lecture Funds, Dunstable’s Town Meeting on May 13
abolished the board.

Dunstable’s lone question on this year’s ballot involved exemption
from provisions of Proposition 21/2 required to pay for the town’s
Water System Improvements Project. The question earned approval with
162 votes in favor and 66 votes against.

Jon Winkler: jwinkler@nashoba