Reilly will work toward consensus as Groton Select Board member


I am writing to enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of John Reilly to the Groton Select Board.

John will bring to the board a common-sense approach to some of the difficult problems faced by Groton without getting mired in some of the petty distractions, which sometimes have a tendency to dominate meetings if one member doesn’t get his or her own way.

The key to this is the ability to work well with others and to accept the consensus of the group even if it is contrary to your own view. This quality has been missing from time to time in recent years, even to the point where the board commissioned a counselor to work with them on improving communication and consensus-building.

John has a personal approach which is very engaging, as those who know him can attest to, and it is this quality that will serve him well as a member of our Select Board. He also has a strong interest as well as career experience in public safety and would be a great asset to the board as it deals with these issues.

This experience includes his dedicated public service as a call firefighter during a time when there are great pressures on the volunteer staffing model for fire departments both here and nationwide.

Having served on elected town boards in Groton for 26 years, I have had the chance to see and work with a wide variety of personalities and recognize those that can contribute productively. John Reilly is such an individual and is worthy of your support at town election on Tuesday, May 2.