Staff Report

SHIRLEY — Two first responders arrived at a North Shirley home early Saturday to transport a pregnant woman in labor to the hospital to give birth to a son.

But this baby wasn’t waiting. They didn’t make it to the hospital in time.

“That was a first time for us,” said Fire Capt. Tory Cooley about he and firefighter Michael Whittier helping deliver Bennett Douglas Reedy, who weighed in at six pounds.

Cooley said when they arrived at the Crabtree Lane residence at about 3 a.m. and saw the condition of Jessica McGrath Reedy, they were “hoping to make it to the hospital, but that didn’t happen.”

Thirty minutes later Bennett’s birth was “pretty much textbook” and the newborn’s father was “a lot of help.”

The ambulance was only eight minutes from the hospital when Bennett was born, so Cooley said he wasn’t too concerned about his condition, especially after he took those first breaths and began crying.

“We knew he was OK after that,” said Cooley.

After the birth of their son, the family issued a statement.

“The Reedys just want to thank the efforts of all the first responders last night and the dispatcher, specifically Michael and Tory for helping us bring Bennett Douglas Reedy into this world.”