Shirley woman arraigned on multiple charges of storing, trafficking firearms



WOBURN — A Shirley woman indicted by a Middlesex County grand jury earlier this week with her husband was arraigned on 18 charges relating to storing and selling firearms.

Collen McNamara, 59, was arraigned in Middlesex Superior Court on Friday, three days before her husband, Jeffrey Dusti, 62, is set to be arraigned on separate charges.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office said that the couple were indicted on Thursday and Dusti will face his arraignment in superior court on Monday. Dusti faces multiple charges of possessing firearms without a license and possessing silencers in is home on Great Road.

The suspects were arrested when state and local police executed a search warrant at their home early last November.

McNamara is charged with seven counts of improper storage of a firearm, five counts of straw purchase, four counts of trafficking fire arms, one count of improper storage of a large firearm and one count of failure to surrender a firearm.

Assistant District Attorney William Freeman and Attorney Kris Patria, with McNamara at his side, stood before Assistant Clerk-Magistrate Michelle Goldman to discuss the charges.

Freeman pointed out how investigations confirmed that McNamara did purchase firearms on behalf of her husband and that there were still a number of weapons registered in her name that have not yet been turned in to the Shirley Police Department. He recommended a $5,000 cash bail for her release, along with her passport and an agreement that she not be permitted to do any out-of-state travel.

Patria noted that his client had no prior convictions on her record and that she maintains a steady job. He also noted how she appeared in court on her own volition and that there were no firearms currently at her residence in Shirley. Because of her clean record and steady employment, Patria recommended that a cash bail would not be necessary but all the other terms for her release were fair.

Goldman released McNamara on her own recognizance under the terms that she surrender her passport, which Patria pointed out was expired, not apply for a new passport, not travel out of state and stay away from any victims of her alleged crime. She then ordered the accused to reappear in court on May 6.

McNamara and Patria refused to comment after the arraignment.