GROTON — Refusing to read aloud a formal complaint against Town Manager Mark Haddad, the Select Board did indicate that an investigation is imminent into unspecified allegations against Haddad at Monday’s open meeting.

The matter was a follow-up from a Jan. 14 agenda item to discuss investigating, then removed.

It is unclear which selectman added the item to the agenda on Jan. 10, or what the investigation could be about.

None of the selectmen, nor Haddad, would comment.

At that Jan. 14 meeting, Chairman Barry Pease introduced the item, then said, “We will not be discussing the item under ‘discuss for investigation.'”

After a brief pause, Vice Chairman Josh Degen said, “Why is that? It is on the agenda.”

Haddad stared straight ahead as the conversation unfolded.

“We have a personnel issue that we cannot discuss. I’m consulting with town counsel,” Pease said.

Degen again broke a brief silence: “We are in a public session so I need to ask why.”

“Because it is a personnel matter that we cannot discuss in public,” Pease said. “It will be tabled for a future agenda.”