A recent Voice editorial blamed the Republican Party’s poor showing in the state election on its “loserville wing.”

While the editorial made some good points, its overall tone amounted to a thumb in the eye to all those who ran on, or supported the Republican cause.

The state Republican Party offered the voters of this Commonwealth a ticket of honest and capable men and women, as alternatives to the state’s political status quo

Almost in unison they supported fiscal discipline; re-affirmed the state’s free enterprise system; opposed rampant corruption in state government; pledged support for the rule of law in immigration, and promised a more effective program to address the opioid epidemic.

These were all positions which the state’s Democrats for the most part, either ignored or opposed.

The Republicans contended in the election, as they usual do, with a horde of political self-seekers in pursuit of jobs, benefits and contracts at the public expense. This year the horde was buttressed by an energized left, unified in their animus toward free enterprise, our constitution, and most of all our president.

Additionally, most of the state’s media, academics and government entities joined in the frenzy. This effort was able to persuade 15 percent of the voters to reject change.

Massachusetts is a democracy and may it forever be, but George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “Democracy is a device that insures that we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”

The Democrats prevailed in the state election of 2018, that can’t be denied. However, determining who the actual winners and losers were is something that only history can tell us.

Dennis Galvin


(The author is Republican state committeeman in the 1st Middlesex District, which includes Groton, Pepperell and Dunstable.)