GROTON — The north end of the trio of quaint storefronts is occupied by Birch on Hollis, a modern salon inside an antique building.

Medora King is the owner at 30C Hollis St., and the newest tenant. With eight employees, King has seen a higher-than-expected, steady increase in clientele, due partly to her symbiosis with her neighbors. The newest resident at the address.

Recently opened on Aug.1, Birch on Hollis offers a diverse menu of goods and services from skin care to manicures. “Most of the products we use and sell are organic and gluten-free.” Although the previous tenant was also a salon, King and her daughter redesigned and renovated the interior space, which has five chairs, two shampooing stations, an esthetician table and a manicure room.

“We get two or three new customers in every day,” said King, a former English teacher in the Lowell school system. “We average about 50 clients per week and that number grows steadily.” Much of the traffic for Birch on Hollis also fancies the other two shops that share the same front porch of what was, a century ago, the town’s hardware store.

She is a real estate broker and former franchisee of a half-dozen chain restaurants, touting a resume of successful ventures. But she is not a beautician. She relies on her hand-picked crew of professionals to perform the in-house, hands-on contact with clients; a business style in the style business that seems to cut it. King is one of only 26 dealers in America authorized to sell Electric H2-1 Hydrate Shampoo, an exclusive product from England.

Dori Koza is a Groton resident whose first visit to Birch on Hollis came as a result of more traditional marketing. “I saw some dramatic before-and-after photos on their Facebook page,” she said. “Then I asked other residents about this place and they recommended it.”