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GROTON — Tracey Smith is part of a new wave of entrepren-her-ship. FACETSetc. is one of the pearls in the string of specialty shops located at 30A Hollis St., just a few yards from Main Street.

Smith’s 800-square-foot shop is a three-year-old gem and much more than a jewelry store. With nearly half of her revenue coming away from jewelry sales, the sole proprietor also sells locally created artisan gifts, she personally manufactures custom-designed jewelry and repairs, restores and repurposes older pieces.

“I take customer service very seriously,” said Smith, a former diamond buyer for Long’s Jewelers. “There is so much purchasing online that I appreciate every customer who takes the time to come out and hand-pick their own gifts.” Despite the popularity of e-shopping, Smith’s business continues a steady growth in customer base.

Although not formally educated in business or marketing, Smith has mastered the necessary skills over her decades in the corporate world, almost exclusively spent in the jewelry industry.

“I still have contacts in the industry and access to products. But I just don’t keep a huge volume of inventory here,” she said. It helps, along with very low overhead, keep her costs low and prices competitive.

“It is also very beneficial that we (the other shops at 30 Hollis St.) all offer related products and services,” she said. “It is a destination that hopefully makes it convenient for shoppers while helping each other succeed.”

As the oldest of the three abutting shops, FACETSetc anchors the commercial profile. “It’s a great location,” said Smith, who lives in Pepperell. “They are wonderful people in town.”

The single-story building, which is 120 years old, is also owned by a woman, Julie Platt, and her husband.

“It is wonderful to have three unique businesses as tenants at 30 Hollis St., and all women owned,” said Platt. “It is evident when I visit at how they are so supportive of each other’s brand and specialty.”

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