There are numerous programs for businesses of all sizes that help manage energy more efficiently. And the good news is that there are energy efficiency rebates that help reduce the payback period for approved upgrades.

Unitil’s Small Business Energy Efficiency Services program is designed for small business customers who use less than 300 kWh (kilowatt hours) per month. It provides technical and financial assistance to help the business find ways to become more energy efficient and save money. An energy contractor will complete a free technical assessment and recommend energy efficiency opportunities, including associated costs and benefits.

Eligible technologies include lighting, efficient motors, refrigeration and refrigeration controls. Custom projects may also qualify.

The company has a Large Business Retrofit Program for companies that use more than 300 kWh per month. It also provides financial and technical services to facilitate the replacement of old, inefficient equipment with new energy efficient equipment in existing facilities. Incentives are available to cover a portion of the installed cost of the equipment.

The final electrical program is its Commercial and Industrial New Equipment and Construction Program, which offers financial and technical services to commercial, industrial and institutional customers who are building a new facility, undergoing a major renovation, or replacing failed equipment. Incentives are available to cover a portion of the incremental cost of the improvement over standard equipment.

In addition to electric rebates, the company also provides natural gas incentives. The company’s Commercial and Industrial Retrofit Program provides incentives that will pay for a portion of the qualified installed cost of identified energy efficiency upgrades. Customers must be on a firm commercial rate.

Unitil also has a new equipment and construction program designed to optimize the efficiency of equipment, building design and systems in new construction and renovation of commercial, industrial, institutional and government facilities.

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(Alec O’Meara is media relations manager for Unitil.)