UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacquie Moloney, far right, and Art and Design professor Stephen Mishol, far left, stand at a mural painted by UMass Lowell students and alumni on Decatur Way in the city s Acre section. The artists are, from left, Adel DiPersio of Burlington, Anna McCarthy of South Hamilton, Yahira Torres of Lowell, Mary Connell of Princeton, Julie Howard of Dracut and Dana Cram of Townsend.

GROTON — On Oct. 14, the Groton History Center, in collaboration with Friends of the Tree Warden, hosted a walk around Groton Center to talk about some of the old homes and some of the significant trees.

Over 35 people participated in the walk which was led by Nancy Barringer from the History Center and Natalie Green from Friends of the Tree Warden.

The walk started at the History Center where cider and donuts were served. It progressed down Main Street, Hollis Street and School Street to view the homes and buildings that have been a part of the history of Groton and some of the significant trees in town.

Dozens of homes were highlighted which included the history of the homes, the architecture and the history of the families that lived in these homes. Many homes did not start out the way they look now.

Many were dramatically changed over the years by either enlarging, turning, moving or dividing the structures.

Trees selected for observation on the walk were tied with green ribbons. These ribbons will be left on for another week. Some of these trees on the tour include the Crabapples in the Old Burying Ground, the Hawthorn trees along Hollis Street and the Old Burying Ground, the Maples along Legion Common, the Fringetree on the side of Legion Hall and the Ginkgo biloba on Main Street. Friends of the Tree Warden is a citizen group responsible for many of the trees planted along our city streets and public places.