PEPPERELL — Former Town Administrator John Moak will serve as interim town administrator starting June 12 while the search for Mark Andrews’ successor is underway.

The Board of Selectmen appointed Moak on Wednesday, following the process laid out in the town’s charter.

Andrews, who has served as town administrator since 2014, announced at the end of April that he plans to retire. He will be on vacation until his last day as a town employee on July 13, according to the board.

“Without a town administrator here right now, we’ve got this hole,” said board Chair Roland Nutter.

Andrews is not making decisions for the town while on vacation, Nutter said.

To ensure that there is someone in town to handle emergencies and answer residents’ questions, the interim town administrator will begin before Andrews officially leaves.

Pepperell’s charter allows a town officer or employee to perform responsibilities of the town administrator during an absence of no more than 15 days.

For a vacancy for the position, the selectmen will appoint someone temporarily to serve no more than three months as town administrator, with one three-month renewal possible, according to the charter.

Police Chief David Scott will serve 13 days until Moak starts as interim town administrator.

Moak preceded Andrews as town administrator, serving from 2009 to 2014.

A seven-member committee has been appointed to review applicants for the position.

The group is expected to hold its first meeting after June 11 when the job description is approved by the selectmen to advertise.

Within three months of its first meeting, the search committee will need to choose a handful of qualified applicants for the board to consider for appointment.

Selectman Lisa Ferolito said during the meeting that she wants to make clear in the job description that powers and responsibilities of the position outlined in the charter are a guide and “not absolute gospel.”

Specific roles and duties could be defined in the contract of whoever is appointed.

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