GROTON — Three warrant articles that address when recreational marijuana activities can begin in town, zoning to regulate those establishments, and the ability to collect taxes from sales were approved Monday at the second session of Town Meeting.

The first article extended Groton’s moratorium on recreational marijuana establishments from June 30 — the day before sales begin statewide — to the end of the year.

This extension would give the town time to adopt zoning. If the state attorney general’s office approves zoning rules approved at Town Meeting before December, the moratorium will expire.

Another article sets rules for all marijuana establishments including medical dispensaries and retail operations. There are currently none in Groton.

Facilities to cultivate, manufacture, sell, test, distribute, and operate marijuana-related businesses would be allowed in areas zoned industrial. Retailers and testing establishments would also be allowed in general business areas.

Some zoning previously in place for dispensaries will apply to recreational facilities. For example, they won’t be allowed to operate near schools, homes, and other public areas and would need special permitting from the Planning Board.

The last article will allow the town to collect 3 percent sales tax from recreational sales from shops that operate in town. It will take effect about a month after the Town Meeting vote.