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What’s the scoop on Trump? Is he going so much with (R) good USA to destroy everything — (R) peace and prosperity?

I think it is time for the people to get him O-U-T of office. A 4-year-old can do better.

All he wants to do is go golfing every weekend and spend (R) money. Money that could be used for the seniors and children. And that time he made a racket about President Obama’s birth certificate… what a waste of time. And he is trying to start a war. Get him out of there. Impeach him and his cabinet and leave people alone.

To think of it, he came from somewhere else. His wives came from somewhere else! By the looks of it, everyone came from somewhere else!

I didn’t do my history but weren’t the Indians here first? Not the Trumps! And I have this to say about his comb-over: I’m losing my hair and I just got a haircut. Not unless he has a funny-shaped head — HA HA HA!

It’s time for him to pack his bag and leave!

Besides, I thought America was free. The home of the brave and the free!

I was born poor and I’ll be poor when I die.

Trump can do more for the people instead of causing trouble with other countries (World War III?). Instead of helping (R) country, he’s trying to destroy it. Kick him O-U-T. The wider he opens his mouth — trouble comes out.

I can’t say it enough: let a 4-year-old run the country!

My ancestors came from West Africa and European, east Asia and Native American (I just got my DNA). My ancestors played with Kunta Kinte. My ancestors were bought and sold here. My great-great-grandmother was bought for a pound of butter (23 cents) in slavery, here in the USA. Good old Abe freed the slaves — while in office!

Now Trump is starting to let people feel bad about (R) selves.

Why did he take President Obama’s health-care plan away? Before he came up with some other program — well, he didn’t come up with anything!

We all need to stick together.

I hope I didn’t forget anything. Bless you for reading my words.

Helen J. Chester


Here’s how to beat the NRA at its own game

Earlier this month, Andover High School students visited my Statehouse office on National School Walkout Day. Standing with peers across the nation on the front lines of the fight for gun control and their right to safety, these young activists were poised and passionate. What started out as a quick drop-in about legislation became a deep and powerful conversation about the role activists can play in ending gun violence and how to make real change. We discussed many ways to get involved, but kept coming back to the same issue: power in elections.

The National Rifle Association has a stranglehold on lawmakers. Despite the fact that it counts only a little over 1 percent of Americans as members, the NRA has managed to leverage powerful lobbying and fundraising operations. The organization spends millions of dollars every year to support political candidates, and millions more lobbying them once they are in office.

Lawmakers only respond to political pressure, the greatest pressure being re-election. Legislators across the country who take NRA money feel that they need to continue to support the NRA in order to get re-elected. But there is a way we can beat the NRA at its own game. The NRA has the money, but we have the people. We must make it clear that we will not support, vote for, or re-elect politicians who won’t work with us to make meaningful reforms on gun violence.

Hold politicians accountable in Washington and in your community. Campaign for people that support good gun policies, and unseat those that don’t by supporting their opponents and electing better leaders. Volunteer, make phone calls, send emails, get involved with races up and down the ballot, go to D.C. to lobby, get in the streets, and keep the pressure on.

Hunters and sportsmen are fine by me, but I proudly wear a D rating from the NRA. I have a proven record of being tough on guns, having voted for the assault-weapons ban in 2004 and passing legislation to ban bump stocks that turn rifles into automatic weapons. Currently, I am working to legalize Extreme Risk Protective Orders (ERPOs), which could have prevented Parkland. ERPOs allow family members or law enforcement to obtain court orders to temporarily prohibit individuals from having firearms if they are proven to pose a significant danger to themselves or others. I am proud of what we have done in Massachusetts, but the battle does not end here.

You deserve a voice in Congress who will listen to your needs and fight for your future. I am eager to work with this new generation of leaders. Your activism and energy has already started to create tangible change. You are taking the reins, and I can’t wait to see where we go together.

Barbara A. L’Italien

State senator

Go Against the Tide to fight breast cancer

In the United States, about 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, and more than 40,000 women die every year from breast cancer. As a pathologist, I diagnose breast cancer far too often. As a medical adviser to the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC), I understand the importance of prevention. This is finally being recognized in the medical community.

In an effort to promote a better understanding of the importance of toxic exposures and breast cancer, MBCC launched the Let’s Talk Prevention: Reducing Toxic Exposures program. MBCC is helping facilitate the discussion between health professionals and patients about environmental exposures and chemicals of concern. Many chemicals of concern are industrial chemicals that do not stay isolated inside factories. Minimizing exposure to chemicals linked with negative health impacts can lessen the burden of disease and improve public health.

The majority of breast cancer efforts have traditionally been focused on treatment and screening while funding for prevention lags far behind. A far greater benefit in lives saved would be realized from efforts directed towards prevention. Additionally, the financial impact is much greater. It is less expensive to keep a patient healthy and out of the hospital.

I invite you to support MBCC’s mission of cancer prevention by registering for the Against the Tide Swim, Kayak, Walk, Run, Paddleboard or Aquathon events. Please join us for 26th annual statewide event on June 16 in DCR’s Hopkinton State Park and for the 19th annual statewide event on Aug. 18 in DCR’s Nickerson State Park. These uplifting events bring together people from all over New England for a morning of fun, family, and inspiration, while helping us raise funds for prevention.

Your support is crucial to helping us to change the legacy of breast cancer for future generations. Learn more, register, or pledge at or call 800-649-MBCC.

Dr. Michael Misialek,

medical adviser, Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition

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