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TOWNSEND — The committee responsible for placing American flags around town on various holidays is asking for help to continue the tradition.

“This is something that has been done for so many years and we need help,” said Albert Boucher, chair of the American Flag Committee.

The committee would like to bring back the $1,200 appropriation it used to have from the town, Boucher said. That funding ended shortly after the committee formed in the 90s.

For the past 20 years, the committee has raised money to buy new flags, poles, and holders. Members of the community, local organizations, military groups have contributed over the years.

“There have been a lot of wonderful people who have wanted to help,” he said.

The committee puts up flags up for Patriot’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day. Typically, the flags go up a week before the holiday and stay up until the week after.

This year the committee plans to put up 60 flags along Route 119, around the common, and toward the Main Street bridge, Boucher said. Last year there were 95 flags.

At one point ,the committee could afford to put up about 200 flags, he said.

Ladders will be used to hang the flags, which can be about 5 feet by 3 feet. In the past, people would use a bucket lift to place the flags into holders on 15-foot poles.

For Memorial Day, the Boy Scouts will help place flags on the ground around the common, Boucher said.

Up until last year, members of the fire department or the cemetery and parks department put up the flags and took them down, he said. The process took up to six hours a year.

The committee has bought American made flags from Washington, D.C. that have previously flown there.