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Ryan Thomson of Pepperell received his Boy Scout Eagle award on Dec. 30 at the Pepperell Community Center. His father, Bob Thomson, submitted one of Ryan’s recommendation letters to the Nashoba Valley Voice.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor:

Ryan Thomson has been a student of mine in the practice of the martial arts for the past seven plus years. I have been both an assistant instructor and then a full instructor to Ryan and have watched him grow and mature over the years. I have had the pleasure of watching this persistent and eager adolescent grow into a patient, articulate, mature young man. Ryan has always been eager to learn, and sometimes got bored with the rote nature of martial arts practice early on. He stuck with it though, and persevered as he started to really understand the purpose of the art; there was more to it than just sparring and self-defense. When Ryan invests himself in something, he does very well, and I can see this in his progression to Eagle Scout.

Ryan was a leader to many of the younger students and took time to show them various forms and moves. He was patient and took the time necessary to show them the correct way to do things. I am sure his time spent with Boy Scouts of America has had a lot to do with his character, and with his leadership skills.

Ryan is a fine example of what the Boy Scouts can provide to young boys as they mature. And now Ryan is a fine example of the kind of young men that will carry the torch into the future. I know as an Eagle Scout he will represent the Boy Scouts well.

I am very proud that Ryan has progressed all the way to Eagle Scout, and I can say through his hard work, dedication, and character that this honor is well deserved.

Congratulations Ryan on such a major milestone.

— Mr. Brian K. Curtis

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