Comparing the Art of Russia, France, England and America

GROTON — The Groton Council on Aging is holding a lunch and lecture on,January 10, 2018, at noon.

Nashoba Tech culinary students will prepare lunch, followed by an engaging program: “The Universal Muse: Comparing the Art of Russia, France, England and America.” This program is held at the senior center.

Presenter Barbara Suhrstedt has been drawn to explore the relationship between art and music and together with her husband she developed multi-media programs which highlight the music and art of France, Spain, England, Russia and the United States. Her lecture will use art slides and lively commentary to guide the audience through the visually fascinating world of great painters and their techniques. These artists influenced and were influenced by their contemporaries’ works and the world in which they found themselves, in settings ranging from stormy seascapes to pastoral village scenes, from aristocratic splendor to wretched poverty. Individual artists’ styles will be highlighted, including the whimsical Impressionism of Monet, Cassatt, Whistler and Korovin; the delicate romanticism of Nesterov and the Pre-Raphaelite Waterhouse; the satirical visions of Duchamp and Perov; and the fantasy-like spirituality of Gauguin and Vrubel.

Cost for this program is $10, which includes lunch by Nashoba Tech students . Please call the Council on Aging to register, 978-448-1170.

Strength training classes for Groton Seniors

GROTON — Get a jump start on your New Year’s resolution and join us at the Groton Senior Center for strength training. Come as many days a week as you can, you won’t be disappointed. It’s just the right mix of aerobic and strength in your workout set to energizing music. The students in the class are friendly, the exercise is invigorating and the instructor Elaine Corsetti, is the best!

Classes are held, Mondays at 11:30am, Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m., and Fridays at 10 a.m. Cost is $3 per class and payable to the instructor. No need to register in advance simply stop in. For more information, please call the Council on Aging, 978-448-1170.

Town Census will be mailed in Pepperell

PEPPERELL — The Annual Town Census will be mailed out the first week in January to every Pepperell household. Please take the time to review the form.

Confirm that the names listed on the census are the current residents in the household. If necessary, make corrections to the date of birth or occupation.

If a registered voter has moved from the household, please provide a forwarding address on the form so we can contact them.

You may not change your political designation on the Census form. Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office if you wish to change your political designation.

At the bottom of the census is a perforated dog license application. Use this to license your dog and if you have more than one dog, use a separate sheet of paper. The cost is $20 for intact female and male dogs and $15 for spayed or neutered dogs. Include a copy of a valid rabies certificate for each dog. If you think the Town Clerk’s Office has your valid rabies certificate on file, call to confirm.

State law requires the office have a valid rabies certificate before a license can be issued. If you no longer own your dog, let the office know so they can be removed them from the town database.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeanne Survell, Town Clerk at 978-433-0339 or at