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TOWNSEND — When the RecKids program first opened in September, families welcomed the affordable after school program, run by the Recreation Department, with open arms.

An anonymous complaint to the state quickly shuttered the program, leaving parents scrambling for alternative arrangements.

The enrichment program — now a fully licensed day camp in compliance with state regulations and guidelines — is now re-launched, providing a fun, creative atmosphere and an active environment for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. RecKids runs Mondays through Fridays, for after school and no-school days.

The RecKids program is located at the newly renovated Townsend Recreation Center at 274 Main St.

Reckids provides a safe and diverse experience all for children with a well-trained and caring staff. Many of the activities for the day camp program include crafts, games, individual interest play, in addition to healthy exercise and outdoor sports. All staff are CPR and first aid certified and work tirelessly to give your children a safe, nurturing experience so parents can feel good about their choice to enroll their children in RecKids.

Camp days are purchased through a pass format, giving families the flexibility to purchase passes in accordance with their needs and allows for flex-scheduling. A one-time enrollment fee of $50 to enter the program and to process all the administrative paperwork is required. Purchasing is as follows:

* 10 late day pass for $162 (2:45 to 6 p.m.)

* 5 half day pass for $192 (11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

* 1 full day pass for $60 (no school days 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Campers can arrive to the program by the school bus or parent/guardian drop off. While currently

there is not a program covering snow days, the Recreation Department is working to launch a week long

program for school vacation weeks.

To learn more about RecKids, contact Emy Hoff at

or visit

Reckids day camp complies with the regulations of the Massachusetts Public Health Commission and is licensed by the Townsend Board of Health.

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