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Bill Belichick’s mantra of “No Days Off” seems to apply to high school baseball, as well.

North Middlesex Regional’s Pat Aubuchon is taking that to heart, as the junior southpaw spent a recent weekend in the Sunshine State taking part in an exclusive clinic/recruiting trip at St. Augustine’s Flagler College.

“(Former Franklin Pierce assistant baseball coach) Jeff Pelkey invited me down. I’ve been going to camps at Franklin Pierce for years,” Aubuchon said earlier this week. “It was a good experience; I got to meet some of the kids on the team. It was nice to play with kids from the South, because they play year-round; there’s no offseason there. And those kids can play. They’re pretty good.

“The coaches, I love the coaches. This weekend was their prospect weekend. Not a lot of kids went, since it was only open to Florida kids. There were two kids from out of state.”

Aubuchon noted this wasn’t an official NCAA visit.

“I didn’t do a tour of the school,” he said, “but I walked around campus and stuff. It’s beautiful, I loved it there.”

Flagler is a D2 school in the Peach Belt Conference.

Aubuchon noted the coaching staff stressed strikes and getting ahead of hitters early, something the young man has done with Tom Bartelson’s Patriots.

“The biggest thing I learned with the pitching aspects would be to go out there, compete, and throw strikes,” he said. “I just have to stick at it in the winter, stay in the cages, keep it going, and get better for the spring.”

Aubuchon said he’ll start throwing serious bullpen sessions in January, doing so at least once a week.

Mid-Wach C, you’re on alert.

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