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Townsend Conservation Land Trust chosen for Hannaford Cause Bag program


TOWNSEND — Townsend Conservation Land Trust, a nonprofit committed to preserving the natural resources and rural character of Townsend, has been selected as a beneficiary of the Hannaford Cause Bag program for the month of December.

The Hannaford Cause Bag program launched in October 2015 and is designed to support local nonprofits through the sale of the reusable Hannaford Helps bag.

Townsend Conservation Land Trust was selected by Hannaford store leadership as the December beneficiary of the program at the Townsend Hannaford store. For every Hannaford Helps reusable bag with the good karma message purchased at the Townsend Hannaford during December, Townsend Conservation Land Trust will receive a $1 donation.

“We are thrilled to be nominated as recipients of this program,” said Townsend Conservation Land Trust Board Member Veronica Kell. “This program will help support our continuing effort to build a trail network on our properties in Townsend.”

Townsend Conservation Land Trust has a goal of raising $500 during December, which is equivalent to 500 bags bought in support of Townsend Conservation Land Trust. Townsend Conservation Land Trust plans to use the projected funds for stewardship of our properties in Townsend.

Learn more about Townsend Conservation Land Trust by visiting

For more information on the Hannaford Cause Bag program, visit or

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