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AYER — A six-year veteran of the police department took a new oath and received a new badge during a pinning ceremony on Nov. 6.

Eric J. Pearson is the town’s newest sergeant.

Town Clerk Susan Copeland swore him in. His wife Melissa pinned the badge on his shirt with a three-bar sergeant chevron on each sleeve.

“Nobody achieves anything on their own,” he said, thanking his family and colleagues for their help.

The sergeant position became open after another person stepped aside.

“Promotions within a police department are typically kept internal,” Chief William Murray wrote in an email.

Five members of the department went through a two-day test run by Integrity Testing, an assessment center. All passed.

An interview with the lieutenant and chief followed.

The candidates were ranked using an objective scoring system. Pearson was No. 2, but the top scorer could not take the position.

The scores were very close and Murray said everyone is very happy with the outcome.

Pearson does a lot of training for the department, including self-defense tactics and tactical training.

He is the backup firearms instructor for the department and a TASER instructor.

Several times a year he conducts R.A.D. training that is free for the community. The Rape, Aggression, Defense system teaches people how to be safer.

He is member of the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council SWAT team.

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