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As a 30-year resident of Shirley, I proudly endorse Bryan Sawyer for the Town of Shirley Board of Selectmen. I know Bryan as the general manager of the Bull Run and observed him at town meetings in his position on the Finance Committee.

From conversations we have had my overall impression was that he is a nice guy with a good head on his shoulders. I wanted to get a better understanding of his views of our town government and what he would bring to the table as a Selectman so I recently met with him over coffee. After discussing the many issues concerning our town it is with confidence that I support Bryan for selectman.

I find Bryan to be, fair, honest and pragmatic, and believe that he will earnestly examine all issues and concerns, bringing open and transparent insight into proposing common sense solutions for our community. I am confident that he will conduct respectful debate and evidence-based dialog when dealing with town issues. Bryan loves Shirley and is genuinely concerned about its future.

Bryan has worked effectively as a member of the Finance Committee since 2013 and presently as Chairman. As Selectman I believe he will continue his commitment to work for the financial health of our town, striving to keep us on track for fiscal stability and growth. He is sincere in his desire to find a balance between respect for our environment and preservation of open space, and controlled development to promote revenue for capital improvements.

For the above reasons I believe Bryan is very qualified to be our next selectman. If you want to see a stable and productive town government, please join me in supporting Bryan Sawyer for selectman.

Doreen Quintiliani


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