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Groton will continue to be a welcoming community

The proponents of Article 1 at the Fall Town Meeting had one objective. That was to keep our public signage politically neutral, and to do so with public discussion.

It was nice gesture that Mr. Petropolous acknowledged that he was naive for not thinking that his All Are Welcome message might be perceived as a political response to a Sanctuary City debate.

This was a bit disingenuous however, in view of the fact that his stone markers article was conjured after the Selectmen sponsored Sanctuary City article was pulled. That was the article, which aimed to stop the Groton Police from enforcing laws of Illegal immigration, was pulled because it was deemed too political.

As I stated during my presentation at the town meeting: We come to this meeting as neighbors, with an opportunity to hear — or be heard on — the merits of the article that I just read. We will leave this meeting with the issue decided, and we will still be neighbors. There will be no celebration of winning, or feelings of rejection for defeat. But instead, there will be a feeling of accomplishment that this issue which frankly has caused anxiety and division, has finally been properly debated-and-decided. And the town we know as Groton will continue to be the welcoming community it always has been.

Jack Saball


Flagg seeks Shirley’s votes for selectman

My name is Debra Flagg and for the past 42 years, I have had the pleasure of serving the people of our community as an educator in the Shirley school system. During that period, I have interacted with many parents and students.

Running for selectman, I hope you will allow me, in my retirement as a math teacher, to continue to serve the people of Shirley as your selectman. Should you support my election to office, I would like to make it clear that I will carry out my duties and responsibilities for all the residents of this town.

It is now time to move forward as there is much to accomplish. Thank you for taking a moment to allow me to ask for your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 7, Election Day.

Goals and Objectives:

OPEN MIND — You must listen to others opinions without preconceived decisions.


EXPLANATION — Always explain the reasons for a decision.

COST CONSCIOUS — We have a limited amount of money and there must be priorities to maintain our current services.

RE-UNITE OUR TOWN — Put the past behind us, deal with the current, and plan for the future.

TEAM APPROACH — Promote using the expertise of all departments, committees, and volunteers to provide the town with financial stability.

OPEN SPACE — To ensure that the remaining open space of the town is utilized in the best possible manner with the input of our residents.

Debbie Flagg


MacDonald cites Sawyer’s financial background for BOS

As you may know, I lived in Shirley for over 38 years and stayed active in town. I very much enjoyed bringing children up in a community that was the perfect size to be able to see the difference you could make.

I have believed for a long time that Shirley is a wonderfully kept secret… a gem of an affordable, commutable community… easily accessible from so many areas. As you know, it has become desirable in so many ways.

I’ve kept in touch with so many of you and paid attention to what is going on with personal relationships and town wide politics. It is sadly obvious that there is a big rift brought on by infighting and polarization of the community over very legitimate issues.

Stepping back from Shirley these past few years, I’ve observed that it is a microcosm of the nation.

That being said, it may be time to put those somewhat resolved issues aside and truly focus on how the town should move forward and deal with it’s forced growth.

It is wonderfully gratifying that there are two capable, homegrown candidates for selectman who are willing to put in the time and energy to make that move happen.

The choice this time is a tough, but looking from outside, the perspective can be a little more objective….. the main question being, what is the candidate’s vision of the future of Shirley and what qualifications do they bring to the table to help accomplish the vision.

I very much believe that Bryan Sawyer has the financial background to help the town move forward. He is from a family and culture deeply I’m bedded in town and is from a generation that will live a long time in the Shirley they help create.

It has been a pleasure to serve with him on the Shirley Meeting House Committee where he helped obtain and manage large grants and capitol campaign funds to preserve a building so important to the town’s history.

His degree in finance from Bryant University and his logical mind have shown him to be invaluable as the general manager of the Bull Run…. a business that is well known beyond Shirley and one that we can take pride in.

He has served on the town finance committee and understands the challenges and small community faces.

Bryan sees the bigger picture and I would urge you to seriously consider that when you vote.

Patty MacDonald


Przybyla endorses Sawyer for BOS

I encourage the voters of Shirley to support the candidacy of Bryan Sawyer for Selectman at the Nov. 7 election.

Bryan is the general manager of a successful locally-owned business in town. He understands the importance to his business and employees of living in a thriving and happy community.

His management skills and financial knowledge have benefitted the town during his current four years on the Finance Committee. I have served with Bryan on a special town committee as well as on a non-profit organization’s board and can attest to his integrity and dedication to hard work.

The town of Shirley has a bright future and I am confident that Bryan Sawyer will lead us in that direction.

Paul T. Przybyla


Personnel Committee and Historical Commission

Farnsworth offers endorsement

Bryan Sawyer has been a friend of mine for many years.

He is an honest, hardworking, responsible person. I believe that he would be an excellent selectman.

Jim Farnsworth


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