War games — in miniature — will be played at Fort Devens Museum


DEVENS — Here are some weekend options you may not have considered.

Battling Orcs. Dogfighting in World War I. Exploring historic battlefields — in miniature form.

The Fort Devens Museum will hold its third annual game day on Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Learn about gaming with historic and ahistorical miniatures, command a WWI Sopwith Camel in a dogfight, or repel Orcs from Helms Keep. Gamemasters will be on hand to introduce you to the hobby.It’s a fun day for kids and adults to learn about gaming historical events as well as the importance of imagination and how it can be applied in a gaming environment.

There will be eight different games offered concurrently, many with handcrafted soldiers and detailed battleground terrain. To view details such as scale of the figures used (6mm, 15mm, 28mm) the name of the rule set used, and a brief overview setting the scene for the action to come, visit fortdevensmuseum.org.

The Fort Devens Museum is located at 94 Jackson Road, Devens, on the third floor and is wheelchair accessible. This event is free and open to the public. Come to see what Camp Devens and Fort Devens were all about, meet others interested in military and local history, and enjoy and join in some miniature wargaming. For more information, call 978-772-1286 or email info@fortdevensmuseum.org.