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Talk: It’s bed time for your garden

PEPPERELL — In the spring, it’s “how do your flowers grow?” Now that it’s fall, the question is “how will they sleep?”

Pepperell Garden Club is hosting Jean Anderson of Wakefield, who will present “Garden Sense” on Oct. 11 at the Pepperell Senior Center at 6:45 p.m. Her presentation will focus on closing the garden for the fall.

We all enjoy our gardens during the growing season. The public is welcome to attend and learn how to prepare gardens for sleep during the winter so they will re-grow in the spring.

As a gardener, Anderson brings beauty in to one’s life with flowers and friends. She also grows her own organic veggies and healthy herbs. She believes in putting back into nature and the environment to replenish what she has taken out of it through composting. She recycles all non-protein kitchen scraps.

She grew up on a farm helping her grandparents and wants to spread the work about the benefits of backyard organic gardening. After 37 years of gardening annuals, perennials, herbs, veggies, and grasses she is still excited about sharing her knowledge.

The Pepperell Garden Club and its programs is open to members and guests from all communities who want to learn more about indoor plants and outdoor gardening.

The club meets the second Wednesday of the month from September to May at the Pepperell Senior Center, 37 Nashua Road.

The program is free to members, $5 for non-members or $2 for seniors. Come and enjoy a fun evening.

For information, call Marion at 433-8312, or check the PGC web site at pepperellgardencl

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