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Hawthorne Brook Middle School students compete in Botball event

Hawthorne Brook Middle School students compete in Botball event

Here at Hawthorne Brook Middle School we are very proud of our Robotics Team.

The team was started last year when one of our students, Zachary Aster, attended Botfest, which is a robotics exhibit at UMass Lowell that is held in conjunction with Botball, a robotics competition.

Zachary enthusiastically organized a robotics team to enter into the Botball competition.

As a new team they received a scholarship that covered part of the entrance fee.

Three students attended a two day workshop in January on how to program and build the robots. The group of students quickly organized into a cohesive team respectively teaching the building of the robots and the programming language C to fellow students.

The team gained points for documenting their progress and competing at the Botball tournament. In the competition, Hawthorne Brook Middle School was up against approximately 18 other teams in the region, all high school with one other middle school. The robots had to autonomously navigate the game board to score points.

The HBMS team finished in the middle of the field, an excellent showing for the first year entering the competition. They have started planning for next year. Their planning includes redesigning the build, learning more programming and strategizing ways to get donations to meet next year’s entrance fee.

The Robotics Club would welcome donations to support the clubs future growth and goals. Checks can be made payable to: HBMS, 64 Brookline Road, Townsend, MA 01469.

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