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PEPPERELL — The confidential information Townsend police Officer George Reidy passed along to a resident — an action that an internal-affairs investigation deemed was a violation of department policy — dealt with a case under investigation by the Pepperell Police Department, The Sun has learned.

On April 27, Reidy attended a meeting in another town, where someone shared with him a different police department’s report regarding a woman known to Reidy, according to the internal-affairs report. Later that day, Reidy stopped by the workplace of Townsend resident Joe Shank, a leader of a pro-police movement to recall two selectmen, and confirmed to Shank that the woman was involved in an incident.

Reidy gave Shank a specific case number with which he could request a copy of the incident report from the outside department, which violated department policy because the case number was confidential and the investigation was still ongoing, the investigation found.

Reidy later apologized for his actions, and it is unclear what discipline he may have faced in Townsend.

Shank asked fellow recall supporter Lisa Lewand to file a records request on his behalf, citing the reference number. Her request, filed the same day Reidy himself learned of the incident and informed Shank, caught the attention of someone in the other department, who wrote an email to Townsend Police Chief Rick Bailey describing it as “concerning.”

The Sun determined this week, by comparing publicly available documents, that Pepperell was the outside department involved.

The internal-affairs report about Reidy’s actions, acquired via a public-records request, included copies of two records requests submitted to the outside department: one by Lewand, citing a specific incident number as Reidy instructed, and another by Townsend resident Kelly Kelly seeking any police reports or logs involving two individuals whose names were redacted.

In the copies attached to the internal-affairs report, the masthead on the records requests was redacted, obscuring the identity of the other jurisdiction.

However, public-records requests are themselves public records. The Sun requested copies of all public-records requests submitted with the Pepperell Police Department on April 27, and in response received copies of both Lewand’s and Kelly’s requests.

The copies received from Pepperell mirror the documents included in the Townsend internal-affairs report, including Lewand’s all-caps “THANK YOU” written at the bottom of her request, apparently indicating that Pepperell was the other department involved.

Pepperell Police Chief David Scott declined to comment when reached by a reporter.

It is unclear whether the requests were filled or whether information about the incident was released to the public beyond Reidy’s disclosure. Scott did not respond to a follow-up inquiry seeking clarification.

It also remains unclear who passed the report along to Reidy initially or whether that person was authorized to do so.

Reidy faced two closed-door hearings about his actions, but town officials have declined to release details about whether he was disciplined. Chief Bailey confirmed last month that Reidy would not be working his regular shift for an undisclosed period of time.

After the closed hearings, Reidy read a letter apologizing for his actions into the record.

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