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As of Wednesday afternoon, the deadline for this week’s Nashoba Valley Voice, we have absolutely no idea whether Townsend is having a recall election on Monday.

That’s par for the course during this two year conspiracy theory-fueled mess.

Congratulations are in order for Selectman Cindy King, who fought the recall effort against her from the start. A single justice from the Supreme Judicial Court ruled in her favor Wednesday, keeping her off limits to a voter recall until she’s up for re-election in 2019.

It remains to be seen what affect the recall will have on her nascent bid for state representative.

As of this writing, ballots for a recall of Selectman Gordy Clark have been printed and sit in wait for a special town election that may never happen. Clark was attempting a legal challenge of his own in Middlesex Superior Court.

Clark’s last-minute bid is a confusing one. After King won her first Appeals Court victory, town counsel waffled on whether it meant the entire recall election was moot.

What happens after the recall is over, by ballot or judicial ruling? Apparently the next big thing in Townsend conspiracy theories are blue ribbons.

Interim Police Chief Rick Bailey has removed the tattered blue ribbons placed by the Mass. State Police Wives at the station last year. It’s already being spun as an anti-police act.

The ribbons were not looking pretty. And neither, at the moment, is Townsend.

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