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Townsend Selectman Clark seeks to block recall election

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TOWNSEND — Selectman Gordon Clark will also challenge the recall sought against him a matter of days before the scheduled election after a state Appeals Court justice blocked the recall fellow Selectman Cindy King faces.

Clark filed his own motion for an injunction against the recall on Friday, according to the court docket. A Middlesex Superior Court justice will hear his case Thursday in Lowell, just four days before the June 19 recall election and one day after the state’s highest court will consider King’s similar case.

No further information was available Monday evening. Clark’s attorney, Roy Pastor of Ayer, could not be reached, and the court clerk’s office was closed and could not provide any court documents.

As it currently stands, Clark alone will face the election next Monday unless the court intervenes. A single justice of the state Appeals Court ruled last week that the recall sought against King is invalid because it cites reasons that do not match the special act governing Townsend’s recall. The decision blocks King from being recalled on June 19.

However, residents behind the movement petitioned for emergency relief to allow the vote to go forward, and a justice from the Supreme Judicial Court will consider the case at a Wednesday hearing. If that court rules in favor of the recallers, King’s name could go back on the June 19 ballot.

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