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TOWNSEND — Sue Lisio swept the vote for the sole open selectman seat and Town Clerk Kathleen Spofford will keep her position in a narrow victory, according to preliminary election results in Townsend Monday night.

The election comes at a time of political turmoil for Townsend. Police Chief Robert Eaton was fired by the Board of Selectmen Friday and two selectmen, Gordon Clark and Cindy King, face a potential recall this June.

Lisio, a former selectman and member of the Finance Committee, was the only person to pull papers for the position this spring. She received 1343 votes.

Incumbent Selectman Carolyn Smart did not pull papers, but local residents started a sticker campaign promoting her re-election. In total 284 write-in votes were cast for the selectman position, though as of Monday night it was unclear how many of those were for Smart.

Smart, as well as Clark, were the targets of a recall campaign last year, but residents involved in the recall did not submit the paperwork to trigger the election.

Spofford received 859 votes according to a preliminary tally and her challenger Nancy Rapoza received 780. Spofford is among one of the fourteen people named in a court complaint filed last month by King to block the recall.

A ballot question to raise the number of selectmen from three to five was also turned down in a 579 to 802 vote.

In the only other contested race, Board of Water Commissioners, Michael MacEachern won his bid for reelection with 913 votes. Challenger Todd Melanson received 708 votes.

Incumbents Randee Rusch, William Hackler and Michael Morgan all won uncontested spots on the North Middlesex Regional School District Committee.

James Le’Cuyer won a spot on the Board of Health, Albert “Tubby” Boucher won the election for Cemetery and Parks, Susan McNally won a spot on the Library Trustees, Kathleen Araujo and Lance McNally won spots on the Planning Board, and Keith Jackson will sit on the Trustees of Soldiers Memorials. All were uncontested races.

In total, 6556 people cast a vote in the Townsend election this year.

“Last year we had 340 so this is one of the higher ones,” Spofford said.

Monday afternoon over a dozen residents stood near Memorial Hall chatting and holding campaign signs as cars drove by and honked.

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