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NM Cares is ‘shocking’ pizza boxes for Super Bowl

NM Cares is ‘shocking’ pizza boxes for Super Bowl

North Middlesex Community Cares, also known as NM Cares, is a volunteer run community outreach group that came together in 2013. NM Cares strengthens the community by providing education, resources and awareness on prescription drug abuse and misuse in the three towns that make up North Middlesex.

These three country towns are not resistant from this disease and have seen their share of this epidemic that has taken too many of their community members. NM Cares believes the heroin epidemic is one of the most important public health issue currently affecting the nation coast to coast. One of the biggest barriers to this disease is the stigma that surrounds it. NM Cares wants to help bring awareness by educating that addiction is a disease of the brain and help dissolve this barrier to help save lives.

The goal of NM Cares is for the whole community to be aware of this issue that is affecting their neighborhoods, and bring people together to make positive changes that can impact current and future generations. This involvement in the community allows individuals to speak their minds and be part of the change that shapes futures #endstigmasavelives.

NM Cares gathered local youth, the police departments and volunteers to join them at local pizza shops located in the NM area to “shock” the pizza boxes that go out on Super Bowl Sunday. The stickers read, “Substance Use Disorder is a Disease of the Brain.”

NM Cares collaborated with the new initiative, the COIN program, a partnership created by local police departments to assist those suffering from substance use and/or mental health disorders. It can be reached by calling 508-488-5072.

Addiction is a disease of the brain and not until we educate people properly will the stigma be addressed. Support NM Cares this Super Bowl Sunday and your local pizza shops by ordering up your pizza and #endstigmasavelives.

For more information on NM Cares or to be a part of the solution, visit or follow NM Cares on Facebook.

The local pizza shops included are: C&S Pizza of Pepperell, Mariano’s Pepperell, Patriots Pizza Townsend, Pizza Pizzazz Pepperell, Pizza Pizzazz Townsend, Sophia’s Pizzeria Townsend, Townsend House of Pizza.

Other surrounding towns participating: Ayer: Devens Pizza, Parthenon, The Cottage, Verona’s, Lazy Mary’s; Shirley: Village Pizza, Roux’s Market, Piccolino, Shirley Sub Shoppe; Littleton: Littleton Sub Shoppe; Groton: Filhos. Ashby and Westford are also participating.