Soccer fanatics always talk about the sport being the beautiful game, while baseball is considered boring to some people. Professional soccer seasons tend to drag on (in my opinion) much like baseball.


Major League Baseball, at its highest level, is some of the best entertainment. Last Wednesday’s World Series Game 7 between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians had everything baseball fans, both casual and diehards ever wanted.

It had drama, oh boy did it have drama. It featured had two cities with World Series droughts that when added together spanned 176 years. The baseball community hung on every pitch and managerial move that left many scratching their heads — Cubs manager Joe Maddon, we’re looking at you …

Cleveland channeled its inner Golden State Warriors and blew a 3-1 series lead to fall to MLB’s “loveable losers” 8-7 in 10 innings.

You could not possibly ask for a better ending to the MLB season — it is unfortunate that we have to wait until April now to see baseball.

The Cubs and Indians endured a rain delay at the end of the 9th inning that lasted 17 minutes, which only added to the drama.

Ben Zobrist knocked home the game-winning run in the 8th inning and was named game MVP.

Zobrist was even awarded a brand new Chevy Camaro with all the bells and whistles.

He nearly lost it, when actor Bill Murray attempted to take a joy ride around Cleveland’s Progressive Field, while the Cubs were being presented with the Commisioner’s Trophy inside the team clubhouse.

The rain had stopped; why push the ceremony inside after Chicago Cubs fans have waited 108 years for this moment?

And when Chicago second baseman Kris Bryant fielded the final out, just before throwing to firs, he smiled cheek to cheek.

The curse of Steve Bartman and the goat have been lifted –the Chicago Cubs are World Series champions.

Lovable losers, no more. The Cubs need to invite to throw the first pitch on opening day, while walking a goat — to me that would be fitting

Perhaps the best thing to come out of Chicago winning the World Series was how there were no arrests in connection with the revelers. Cubs fans were tame in the celebrations I saw via my friend’s Facebook Live feed, who is a Chicago native.

Congrats, Cubs fans.

I always gave her a hard time for being a Cubs fans — it’s one of the reasons I earned the nickname “heckler”. During our student media banquet she made a large frame printout of a spoof newspaper about all of the editors. Mine said I graduate and became a professional heckler.

Don’t worry, I made sure to continue to give her a hard time even after the Cubbies won. And I even congratulated her. We here in Boston know what it is like to survive a long fry spell of World Series — 86 years to be exact — until 2004 changed all of that.

Now we as Red Sox fans can barely fathom that they haven’t won a world series title since 2013 — a whole three years. Whatever will we do? Maybe sit back and enjoy watching an above average team that you really do not have high expectations for and maybe they surprise you come October?

Boston greeted its fans with the wrong kind of surprise as it was swept by Cleveland in the divisional round.

Baseball is such a simple game with its fair share of intricacies and strategy. The sport is only as boring as you let it be. Baseball fans enjoy sitting down and relaxing while watching the game. It is all about the drama and game 7 had plenty of that. It was the most watched baseball game in 15 years on Fox.

There is only one logical thing for Cubs general manager Theo Epstein, who helped the Red Sox win their first title, to do on opening day: invite Bartman to throw out the first pitch. It is time for the city to make amends with the man who reached into the field of play and robbed the Cubs of a trip to the World Series in 2003. The ball would have likely been caught and it been caught the Cubs would have made it to the World Series. Since then, he has been subject to an outpouring of hatred from Chicago fans. The Cubs need to invite Bartman to throw out the first pitch, while walking a goat with a black cat under one arm. Why not erase all the possible curses at the same time?