MacDonald family overwhelmed with Groton-Dunstable’s support of Lain


#49 in the program, # 1 in your hearts

My heart is completely overflowing with emotion as I write this letter. Just over a week ago, our lives were forever changed. The Groton-Dunstable Football team, community, Stephanie Tully, Braun Ability, Ally Financial, and Mobility Works all came together to present our son with a new wheelchair accessible van. This gift was incredible. Beyond the physical gift of the van, our son was received a gift of love, friendship, independence, and pride in his community.

Chamberlain “Lain” MacDonald was born in 2001 and diagnosed later that year with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a brain injury which has impacted Lain since birth. The title Spastic Quadriplegia defines the parts of his body which are affected. The diagnosis is what he has, but not who he is.

Lain has faced each day since then with an iron will and a positivity which could move a mountain. The weakness in his body is certainly compensated by the determination and efforts he puts forward. Lain is the true definition of unconditional. He accepts and loves everyone equally. He does not focus on differences, but on the whole person and how to be a friend to each. Anyone who meets Lain can attest to the fact that he changes the world without ever saying a word.

Words will never express the amount of gratitude we have for everyone involved in making this gift possible. Stephanie Tully, Thank you for reaching out to our family about the Spirit of Ability award through The Braun Mobility Corp. Your heartfelt request and persistence brought us to where we are today. With the generosity of Braun Mobility, Ally Financial and Mobility Works, we have now the confidence in our ability to get where we need to go safely and without incident. Principal Michael Woodlock, Coach Tom Sousa and the entire Groton Dunstable Football coaching staff, players and Cheerleaders, Lorrie Stuart, Cheryl Scammel, Lisa McNeil, Anjila McCool and I am sure so many others, your efforts were completely overwhelming! The acceptance of our son Lain as part of this community has and always will be close to our hearts. We are immensely grateful to be part of such a giving community. Your efforts, your love but most of all your friendship is cherished more than you know. We are humbled by your generosity and your commitment to our son. This is one special place to call home.

Our hearts filled with gratitude.

MacDonald Family

Kirk, Charity, Lain, Faith and Hope