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I have lived in Townsend with my wife for 40 years at 12 Emery Road. I retired in 2008 and I have never had any problem at all except for the last two years. We are both retired senior citizens and enjoying it.

The outside of my house is my wife and myself pride and joy. We have all kinds of flowers in front of the house and on our deck. Her flowers are her pride and joy and she enjoys sitting outside during the day and admiring them.

I get up every morning at 5:30 and water them all for her. She has ten hanging plants about 6 feet in from the road. Five of these hanging plants are in on corner of our lot.

Last year we bought the flowers for our yard right after Mother’s Day. Two weeks later when I got up to water, the five hanging plants in the corner were gone. Someone in the middle of night decided to take them. My wife was very upset about this and I went out and got her five more. No one took them.

This year we got the flowers again right after Mother’s Day. We presume that the one that took the ones last year did it again and took them July 31. I think this was very low for a person to do. I hope they enjoy what they stole. My daughter took to Facebook and posted it on her site and the town of Townsend site. Gary Farm on Route 119 in Townsend saw this and offered to replace the flowers with no cost to us.

My wife and I want to personally thank Chuck, Shelly and Brooke for giving us the flowers. Townsend is a great town to live in and it’s like people at Gary Farm that make me proud that I live in this town.

Myself and my wife have been in the Scouting program and were foster parents for 20 years until I retired. I am still in Scouting in a small capacity.

Marty and Joanne Wasznicky