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Tennis courts at Ayer Shirley Regional High now open to public

Tennis courts at Ayer Shirley Regional High now open to public

AYER — The tennis courts at Ayer Shirley Regional High School, restored to better-than- new condition as part of the high school renovation project, are now open, according to a recent e-mail announcement from ASRSD Superintendent Mary Malone.

Originally built for student tennis programs at the former Ayer High School and opened to townspeople as well, maintenance lapsed after the programs were discontinued and the courts deteriorated.

The overgrown tennis courts had not been used for years when the Building Committee, during the early stages of planning, started talking about bringing them back as an added project perk.

“The School Building Committee recognized the importance of renovating the tennis courts on the high school campus… for community use,” Malone said.

So the decision was made. The courts were built and people are coming.

“The tennis courts are very popular and receive much use from community members,” she said.

Expanding on the visionary back story, Malone sketched a big picture in which education is one of the community’s most prized assets.

“Great schools help bring about and maintain vibrant communities…” and vibrant communities, in turn, “are maintained and sustained by providing residents with opportunity, recreation, and activities focused on family engagement and enjoyment,” she said.

Malone said the courts also add to the district’s athletic agenda.

“The Physical Education and Athletic Departments at ASRHS are thrilled…” she said. “It is important for us to expose our students to as many experiences possible, and the tennis courts will allow them to learn another skill set and remain physically fit. They will be a great asset and allow us to expand offerings and keep moving the district forward.”

Use of the courts is unrestricted and park benches will soon be added.

“We ask those who use the courts to take good care of them,” Malone said.

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