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GROTON — The Groton Town Charter defines Groton’s town government in broad strokes, enumerating its governing bodies and the scope and limits of the powers and responsibilities of elected and appointed officials.

For the past year, the Town Charter has been undergoing lively review and discussion. The Charter Review Committee has received and reviewed more than 200 suggestions for changes to the Town Charter.

The Charter Review Committee is making a final call for suggestions for changes to the Town Charter. If anyone wishes to make new proposals for changes to the Town Charter, those proposals must be received by the Charter Review Committee no later than Aug. 1 at 11:59 p.m. If you have submitted proposals for changes previously, you do not need to send the same proposals again.

Proposals for changes to the Town Charter must be submitted in writing via email or US Mail.

Please submit your proposal with your justification for the change, your name, your email (preferred) or mailing address and a telephone number.

To submit a proposal via email, send your proposal to:

To submit your proposal via US Mail, send your proposal to: Town Charter Review Committee c/o Town Clerk, Town Hall, 173 Main Street, Groton, MA 01450.

Proposal receipt confirmation will be sent within three business days.

Proposals for changes can be submitted anonymously. To submit an anonymous proposal, do not provide any personal or contact information. If a proposal is submitted anonymously, the Charter Review Committee cannot confirm receipt, ask for more information, or schedule discussion with the submitter.

In accordance with the public records laws, all submissions and personal contact information will be available to the public and will be published to the Charter Review Committee space on the town website.

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