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WESTFORD — A record 97 students at Nashoba Valley Technical High School were inducted into the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society or National Technical Honor Society or both during a recent ceremony in the Performing Arts Center.

Local students inducted into both the National Honor Society and National Technical Honor Society include:

* Seniors: Samantha Archer (Pepperell), Meghan Bourassa (Shirley), Michaela Casey (Pepperell), Thomas Dorman (Townsend), Shelby Dudley (Townsend), Samantha Johnson (Ayer), Katherine Mayer (Townsend), Samantha Piecewicz (Ayer), Natasha Suero (Pepperell), Ryian Vandal (Shirley) and Jessica Watson (Townsend).

* Juniors: Vanessa Agliata (Townsend), Christian Angelucci (Pepperell), Meaghan Banister (Pepperell), Heather Bosworth (Shirley), Calie Bridges (Pepperell), Emily Brooks (Dunstable), Lindsey Callan (Groton), Carianne Deacon (Townsend), Isabel Diaz (Pepperell), Sarah Dorman (Townsend), Charlotte Dufresne (Groton), Nicholas House (Shirley), Cassandra Koeleman (Pepperell), Rebeka LaRosae (Pepperell), Corey Martineau (Pepperell), Andrew Poutry (Ayer), Benjanim Richard (Ayer) and Bryson Tang (Pepperell).

Local students inducted solely into the National Honor Society include:

* Seniors: Isabella Venti (Shirley).

* Juniors: Trevor Barry (Pepperell), Shane Boudreau (Ayer), Daniel Brann (Pepperell), Spencer Brittain (Pepperell), Erin Doherty (Townsend), Julia Howard (Shirley), Cori Luce (Pepperell), Rebecca Marchand (Townsend), Benjamin Marson (Groton), Jacob Monahan (Townsend), Katelyn Scharmer (Groton), Ryan Shaw (Pepperell), Alyssa Stein (Shirley).

* Sophomores: Joshua Andrews (Ayer), Matthew Baker (Townsend), Maddison Caten (Pepperell), Casaundra Fagundes (Pepperell), Kaitlyn Fales (Townsend), Brianna Fuchs (Townsend), Yessenia Gamez (Ayer), Kyle Goulart (Shirley), Megan Harding (Shirley), Elizabeth Jones (Ayer), Ryan Ludford (Pepperell), Kathryn Murphy (Pepperell), Arianna Patenaude (Pepperell), Katherine Piecewicz (Ayer), Elizabeth Pinard (Shirley), Olivia Santosuosso (Townsend), Alexander Scheufele (Shirley), Laryssa Tervail (Pepperell) and Jenna Thompson (Littleton).

Local students inducted solely into the National Technical Honor Society include:

* Seniors: Jonathan Fike (Groton), Casey Jones (Townsend), Amber Joyce (Pepperell), Tiffany Kelly (Shirley), Sabrina Santoro (Pepperell), Sarah Woodward (Shirley).

* Juniors: Alyssa Alvarado (Chelmsford), Marta Burgos (Lowell), Charles Clark (Chelmsford), Adam Rubinic (Pepperell) and Courtney Sullivan (Pepperell).

Local students elected officers for the National Honor Society include president Bryson Tang, treasurer Heather Bosworth and secretary Isabella Venti, while local students elected officers for the National Technical Honor Society include president Michaela Casey, vice president Thomas Dorman and secretary Amber Joyce.

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