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Nashoba Tech hands out awards and scholarships to Class of 2016


Only students from the Nashoba Valley Voice readership area are included.


Art: Chelsea Hurst (Pepperell).

Dance: Ryian Vandal (Shirley).

English: Meghan Bourassa (Shirley).

Physical Education: Shelby Dudley (Townsend).

Social Studies: Sean Noyes (Pepperell).



Merit Achievement Award

Carpentry & Cabinetmaking: Jacob Herbert (Groton).

Culinary Arts: Shelby Dudley (Townsend).

Dental Assisting: Alyson Petersen (Groton).

Design & Visual Communications: Ceejay Gervais (Groton).

Early Childhood Education: Sabrina Santoro (Pepperell).

Hotel & Restaurant Management: Meghan Bourassa (Shirley).

Machine Tool Technology: Patrick Carroll (Pepperell).

TV & Media Production/Theatre Arts: Amber Joyce (Pepperell).

Technical Proficiency Award

Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing: Shaun Sanville (Dunstable).

Banking, Marketing & Retail: Matthew Dixon (Pepperell).

Cosmetology: Natasha Suero (Pepperell).

Culinary Arts: Sean DeFreitas (Pepperell).

Dental Assisting: Chelsea Hurst (Pepperell).

Design & Visual Communications: Casey Jones (Townsend).

Electrical Technology: Timothy Bernard (Townsend).

Engineering Technology: Fredrick Bickle (Townsend).

Programming & Web Development: Andrew Taylor (Ayer).


American Citizenship: Sydney Delforte (Groton), Matthew Dixon

(Pepperell), Leonard Estrada (Ayer), Zachary Hughes (Ayer), Sofina Russell (Ayer).

Community Service: Alicia Gentile (Groton), Jonathan Fike (Groton),

Sarah Woodward (Shirley).

Dual Enrollment Associate’s Degree: Alicia Gentile (Groton).

Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents Academic

Excellence: Alicia Gentile (Groton, valedictorian).

Technical Student: Alicia Gentile (Groton).

Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association District E

Athletic: David Guerra (Groton).

Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Outstanding

Sportsmanship: Robert Dumas (Ayer).

Massachusetts Vocational Association Non-Traditional Vocational Technical Student: Shelby Dudley (Townsend).

Outstanding Athlete/Scholar: Sabrina Santoro (Pepperell).

President’s Award for Academic Excellence: Fredrick Bickle (Townsend), Megan Dean (Shirley), Thomas Dorman (Townsend), Shelby Dudley (Townsend), Alicia Gentile (Groton), Casey Jones (Townsend), Samantha Piecewicz (Ayer), Ryian Vandal (Shirley), Isabella Venti (Shirley).

U.S. Presidential Scholar in Career and Technical Education: Katherine Mayer (Townsend).


AFL-CIO Vocational Student: Christopher Dahlberg (Dunstable).

Albert Shanker: Samantha Johnson (Ayer).

Ayer Shirley Lions Club: Ryian Vandal (Shirley).

Bemis Associates: Thomas Dorman (Townsend), Alyson Petersen (Groton).

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizens: Meghan Bourassa (Shirley).

Dorr Scholarship: Casey Jones (Townsend).

Friends of Nashoba: Michaela Casey (Pepperell), Alicia Gentile (Groton), Katherine Mayer (Townsend), Jessica Watson (Townsend).

Friends of Nashoba Valley Medical Center: Ryian Vandal (Shirley).

Groton Road Race: Alicia Gentile (Groton), Samantha Piecewicz (Ayer).

Groton Women’s Club: Alicia Gentile (Groton).

John & Abigail Adams MCAS Scholarship: Samantha Archer (Pepperell), Jarod Baldwin (Townsend), Fredrick Bickle (Townsend), Meghan Bourassa (Shirley), Brett Bousquet (Townsend), Michaela Casey (Pepperell), Christopher Dahlberg (Dunstable), Matthew Dixon (Pepperell), Thomas Dorman (Townsend), Shelby Dudley (Townsend), Alicia Gentile (Groton), Ceejay Gervais (Groton), Zachary Hughes (Ayer), Samantha Johnson (Ayer), Ryan Leedham (Townsend), Cynthia Long (Pepperell), Michelle Madsen (Pepperell), Katherine Mayer (Townsend), Tyra Mitchell (Shirley), Sean Noyes (Pepperell), Shaun Sanville (Dunstable), Mitchell Tine (Pepperell), Stephen Toomey (Groton), Ryian Vandal (Shirley). John D. MacEntee Memorial: Ceejay Gervais (Groton).

Kevin McKenzie Memorial: Zachary Hughes (Ayer).

Local 4 Social Action Committee: Samantha Johnson (Ayer).

Lowell Five: Jessica Watson (Townsend).

Lowell Women’s City Golf Tournament: Alicia Gentile (Groton).

Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce: Michaela Casey (Pepperell).

Morgan Babcock: Shaun Sanville (Dunstable).

National Honor Society: Isabella Venti (Shirley).

Nick Limberopoulos Memorial: Zachary Hughes (Ayer).

Pepperell Business Association: Jaymie Bergeron (Pepperell), Shelby Dudley (Townsend), Kylee LaRosae (Pepperell), Cynthia Long (Pepperell), Michelle Madsen (Pepperell), Sabrina Santoro (Pepperell).

Pepperell Garden Club: Samantha Archer (Pepperell).

Pepperell Lions Club in Memory of Ben Mountain: Michaela Casey (Pepperell).

Pepperell Lions Club Toolship in Memory of Ernie Morton: Chelsea Hurst (Pepperell).

Pepperell Women’s Club: Michaela Casey (Pepperell).

Scott Bailey Memorial: Katherine Mayer (Townsend).

Thomas J. DeVincentis Memorial: Timothy Bernard (Townsend), Amber Joyce (Pepperell).

Townsend Business Association: Shelby Dudley (Townsend).

Westford Kiwanis Club: Natasha Suero (Pepperell).

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