My name is Stephanie Gintner. I have lived in this town for almost 41 years. My children have been raised here and have attended Ayer Public Schools and Nashoba Valley Technical High School.

I graduated from Groton High School. At Fisher College, I earned an associate’s degree in business administration, graduating with high honors. I continued my education in treasury work through my 24 years of work experience.

Last November, I received my certification as a Certified Massachusetts Municipal Treasurer. The certification requires one to complete 31 classes at the Massachusetts Collectors & Treasurers Association’s annual school held at UMASS Amherst.

I was employed by Ayer from 1991 to 1998 as secretary to the treasurer. In 1998, I assumed the position of assistant treasurer/tax collector in Harvard. In 2010, I was elected by voters of Ayer as treasurer.

During my service in Ayer I have:

* Transitioned the town’s unemployment tax from filing as a contributory employer to a reimbursable employer, a financially sound decision for the town.

* Streamlined the quarterly taxes and W-2 reporting to the IRS and the state.

* Successfully and uneventfully moved the town’s banking Institution to one more advantageous to the town’s financial needs.

* Participated in discussions involving the addition of online payments for tax collections, water and sewer, transfer station stickers and park department payments.

* Reduced Tax Titles from approximately $300,000 down to $150,000. Additionally, some tax titles currently being researched will be disclaimed, reducing the amount owed.

* Refinanced some high interest rate bonds to lower interest rates, thereby saving the town thousands of dollars.

* Worked with the payroll/benefits manager helping to oversee the success of payroll and benefits. We continue to work closely together.

A review of the above bulleted items demonstrates positive changes I have implemented as treasurer.

Having 24 years of municipal experience positions me to successfully continue the role entrusted me by the voters of Ayer. I ask for your support and your vote on April 25 by re-electing me as your treasurer.

Thank you.

Stephanie Gintner