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Detective Rachael Mead, Barbara Rich, June Johnson and Mihran Keoseian

GROTON — C4RJ is Communities for Restorative Justice, a non-profit organization that has been working with the Groton Police Department and many other communities in the region for a number of years.

C4RJ will be showing their film, “Finding Courage: Addressing Harm with Restorative Justice Circles” in a free presentation at Sibley Hall at the Groton Public Library on Sunday, April 24 from 3 to 4:30 p.m..

Groton Schools Resource Officer Detective Rachael Mead, Groton supporter Mihran Keoseian, and C4RJ Groton facilitators Barbara Rich and June Johnson will be on hand to discuss the program and answer questions.

Hailed as a model response to harm in the community that could result in criminal court action, the restorative justice program starts with a referral from the police department.

A “Circle” is convened that includes a police officer, victim, offender or responsible party, their parents if the offender is a minor, and trained C4RJ staff. Volunteer facilitators work with the responsible party over a number of weeks to bring about accountability for the harm caused and healing for the victim, the offender, their families, and the community. Often there is a complete change of mind and heart for the offender.

Who Should Come?

* Parents who would like to learn of an alternative path if their child does something inappropriate and police become involved.

* Folks who would like to learn more about being a volunteer facilitator.

* Community members who would like to know how our town can be kept safe and yet still hold both offender and victim in community.

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