Final draft of Harvard’s Master Plan will be discussed Thursday


HARVARD — The final draft of Harvard’s 10-year Master Plan document is now available for review. Download the draft — posted as 11 separate chapters, a TOC and acknowledgement section, and an appendix — from the Home Page of the Harvard Master Plan Web site:

The Public Hearing where the major findings of the Master Plan will be presented will take place this Thursday, March 24, at Volunteers Hall in the Harvard Public Library, from 7 to 9 p.m.

Once it is finalized and accepted, this Master Plan will be the product of nearly five years of research, many hours of discussion and deliberation with town boards and committees, and numerous workshops, charrettes, roundtable sessions, focus groups, and survey questionnaires.

The Master Plan Steering Committee invites you to review the draft, consider how it reflects on your own ideas about the challenges and opportunities that face our communities, and join us at the Public Hearing.