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Thank you for the 50 percent wonderful voter turnout on March 1 for the Presidential Primary. It was an extremely busy day with no lulls in voter traffic! As always, thank you to the wardens and election staff for running such a smooth election. They go above and beyond and always deliver perfection! Thank you to Tom McGrath and Merle Green for testing the ballots before the election on such short notice as the ballots had to be reprinted by the state and were delivered days before the election. Thank you to the Pepperell Highway Department and Terry Spaulding for setting up and dismantling the voting booths.

Thanks to Martin Cadek, IT administrator, who designed an elaborate spreadsheet which enabled our election results to get to the papers so quickly! Thanks also to Christina and Bill Gikas from C&S Pizza who donated a delicious lunch and dinner to our election staff. A special thanks to Officers Rick Smith and Paul Nelson for helping me direct everyone to their precincts. And last, but not least, to Scott Muth, custodial staff at Varnum Brook who always arrives at 6 a.m. to let me in and checks on us all day long.

Don’t forget to vote on April 25 at the Annual Spring Election!

Lisa Ferolito

Pepperell Town Clerk

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