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I would respectfully like to take this opportunity to address the recent remarks from Mr. (Bryan) Dumont in the Voice concerning comments about my role as moderator. Mr. Dumont’s attempt to lay claim to the incorrect fact I abandoned my position as moderator and failed to carry out my duties and responsibilities are simply not true.

I had received a commitment from Attorney Karen Ludington to run for the position of moderator and if necessary to fill in at the April Town meeting. Otherwise I had no intention of leaving that position. I was pleased to see that Mr. Prezybyla will cover the April meeting and as I explained to the selectmen at a recent meeting the town is in good hands. Prior to my decision to leave as moderator only one member of the present finance board was missing, a fact that has been constant during the past years.

I cannot address his accusations that I wish to scrutinize the police department. I do not have the knowledge of the activities of the Police Department, Public Works Department or Fire Department as these are side issues being bandied about by Mr. Dumont and Mr. Swain in an effort to avoid the real issues.

The real subject matters for discussion concern the actions of the selectmen and their disregard for the voting public and that alone is my focus. Why did the Board of Selectmen blatantly disregard the voters at both the Annual Town Meeting as well as a Special Town Meeting? Not once but on both occasions voters denied a pay raise for the Town Administrator Mrs. ((Patrice) Garvin. While the reason for that action is irrelevant the reaction by the selectmen was not. Mr. Dumont wants to justify the selectmen going behind closed doors and creating an addendum to her contract in which the town absorbs her health insurance payments for the years 2015 through 2018 in order to reach a goal of $100,000. I can say I, as a two time selectman, have never participated in such a total disregard to the voters.

Mr. Dumont and the selectmen were disappointed when at a recent Special Town Meeting voters showed unanimous support for Monday night Town Meetings. This request was dismissed by the selectmen making Saturday Town Meeting a reality.

This trend continued when on the selectmen’s meeting on February 1, Tax Collector Holly Haas explained a new position coupling the Tax Collector and the Treasurer needed a vote at Town Meeting. The response sums it all up when Mrs. Garvin stated the following. “WE aim to appoint one person to that position even if the Town Meeting rejects it.”

Again to side step the real issues, which Mr. Dumont is attempting to do, is critical to the future of the town. Other issues including the fact we have lost 17 faithful and loyal employees from Shirley in the last three years deserves a dialog between Mr. Swain and me. So let us cut to the chase, Mr. Dumont, and allow Mr. Swain to step to the podium and debate me proving his decision warrants any merit.

Enrico C Cappucci


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