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Nashoba Valley Medical Center opens Center for Pain Management


AYER — Nashoba Valley Medical Center recently opened a new comprehensive Center for Pain Management to provide pain management services to residents living in the Nashoba Valley region. The center employs a team of pain management experts who use the most modern techniques to treat a wide range of common chronic pain successfully.

“Prior to the opening of the Center for Pain Management, our patients had to travel to Nashoba’s sister hospital, Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, to receive care for pain problems,” said Salvatore Perla, president of Nashoba Valley Medical Center. “We are consistently evaluating the evolving health care needs of our patients, and the new center gives our patients accessibility to these services, close to home, which is especially important for someone experiencing chronic pain.”

NVMC’s Center for Pain Management is the only center in the Nashoba Valley region to provide services to diagnose and treat chronic pain conditions. Common chronic pain problems the center’s highly trained pain specialists treat include: arthritis; back pain; cancer-related pain; chronic neck pain; diabetes-related pain; fibromyalgia; intercostal neuralgia; ischemic-related pain; myofascial pain; neurogenic pain; osteoporosis; polymyalgia; post-operative pain; reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD); sciatica, shingles; stress-related pain and TMJ.

The center offers a wide range of services, including state-of-the-art fluoroscopic-guided spinal injections for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, medical management of pain and related medications, interventional procedures, physical and occupational therapy, psychological support, opportunities for learning skills that minimize or prevent recurring pain, and education on specific chronic pain syndromes and treatment plans.

“Our multidisciplinary team of pain management experts work with each patient to evaluate the causes of their pain and develop a treatment plan that aims to maximize their personal potential and increase their functional capacity,” said Frederic Gerges, MD, director of the Center for Pain Management at Nashoba Valley Medical Center. “We strive to improve their ability to return to the activities they once enjoyed.”

For more information about NVMC’s Center for Pain Management, visit

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