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GROTON — The Groton Conservation Commission is pleased to announce the acquisition of approximately 13 acres of land donated by Cliff and Barbara Robison, in memory of Viola Day Robison (1911-2007).

The former North Woodlot Nominee Trust property, Assessors Parcel 251-72, is located off Graniteville Road and abuts the town’s Flavell Crossing Conservation Area. It contains a mix of beautiful upland forest and wooded swamp wetland, and provides exemplary wildlife habitat.

According to Cliff Robison, Viola Day was born in Westford on July 31, 1911, to Arthur and Margaret Day. She attended Westford Academy as a young woman, and in 1929, continued her education at Syracuse University. It was there she met her husband, Samuel Robison, and married him on June 16, 1931, a marriage that lasted for over 64 years. Viola graduated with a degree in Public School Music in 1933. Their son, Cliff, was born in 1939. The family moved to Westfield, New Jersey, in 1944.

Viola always saw herself as a homemaker, and when Sam established his own company in 1956, Viola was right there beside him, helping by managing the office. In 1989, Viola and Sam moved to Oregon to live close to their son and daughter-in-law, Barbara.

Cliff Robison notes that his mother was always protecting, supporting and encouraging. She instilled his love for music, and encouraged its development. She had this incredible, magical smile and laugh that lit up her face and lit up the room… especially after she finished telling a joke!

In later years, she supported the family with prayer and selfless kindness. Her faith only grew as old age presented her with a variety of health issues, and while she fought to overcome hearing loss and physical weakness, she accepted their presence with grace.

She will always be remembered for her strength and courage, her compassion and her immense faith in Jesus Christ.

The Viola Day Robison Conservation Area will be held and managed by the Groton Conservation Commission for the purposes of open-space preservation, passive recreation and protection of watershed resources and wildlife habitat. No hunting will be allowed.

For information, please contact the Conservation Commission at 978-448-1106 or

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