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The citizens of Massachusetts face serious challenges to their security, prosperity and freedom. Courageous and competent leadership must come forward.

The Massachusetts Republican State Committee is the governing board of the state Republican Party. It is responsible for developing such leadership.

In failure mode for the past 40 years, paralyzed by personal vendettas and factionalism, the time has come for the committee to move the party forward. The citizens of Massachusetts need an alternative to a Beacon Hill power structure, that has slipped into the abyss of one party rule. The state budget is swollen, vital government services have collapsed, and threats to our homeland are being ignored.

The Republican State Committee must assert responsible leadership. The party must focus on its mission, which is to provide rigorous oversight over government services, ensuring accountability and effectiveness, while offering solutions that will minimize burdens on taxpayers and facilitate economic growth.

The haves and have-nots are clearly defined in Massachusetts. The haves are those benefiting from the waste and fraud in state government. The have nots are those, who have to pay for it. The Republican party must become the advocate for all those, suffering under our corrupt, patronage-laden, one party system. Those impacted by the stagnant economy, higher taxes, poor MBTA service, rising tuitions and fees in our state colleges and universities, substandard educational practices in our schools, reckless public safety and immigration policies, and attacks upon constitutional liberties must find their voice in the Republican party. Helping local government resist unfunded state mandates must also be on the agenda.

Massachusetts Republicans should vote for leadership in the Republican State Committee election, which will be held during the Presidential Primary on March 1, 2016 The people of Massachusetts have been waiting for leadership. It is time for the Republican State Committee to deliver.

Dennis Galvin


candidate, Republican State Committee

First Middlesex District

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