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Groton Nashoba Valley Tech student designs new school logo


WESTFORD — The Viking has a new look.

Nashoba Valley Technical High School has gone through a remarkable remake over the past 15 years. So why not update the look of the school mascot’s logo? The school held a contest for any student who wanted to submit a design for the revised Viking.

The winning design, as decided by a vote of students and staff, belongs to Ceejay Gervais of Groton, a senior in the Design & Visual Communications program.

Ceejay said he wanted the Vikings logo to be simple, yet strong.

“I wanted something a bit more formal-looking, to get more of a rigid look, so I used a big, serif-face V with a strong look in the middle,” Ceejay said.

“There’s a lot less for your eye to look at, but you still get the whole idea of a Viking,” he said.

Nathan Meharg, a Design & Visual Communications instructor, said Ceejay’s design was one of nearly 20 submitted for the contest.

“Ceejay’s design easily made the cut for the three finalists,” Meharg said. ”

Of the three final designs, his took over 60 percent of the votes, so clearly he created something that really resonated with the school population.

“Ceejay has always been very creative, and he keeps getting better and better at using the design process to develop his ideas,” Meharg added.

“The logo he ended up submitting was one of nearly a dozen variations he had created, and that kind of dedication almost always results in top-quality work,” he said.

Ceejay is hoping to continue his education in Graphic Design in college next fall.

“I’ve studied it four years, so why not four more?” he said.

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